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Broad Street Ministry is an organization that helps Philadelphians living in deep poverty stabilize their lives through a unique offering of meals and social services that is welcoming to everyone. In 2008, Broad Street Ministry began serving a weekly meal to address the needs of Philadelphians living in deep poverty. Today this flagship service has grown to provide five weekly meals alongside innovative critical services to an average of 300 individuals daily. Our long-term vision is not only to meaningfully reduce the trauma and suffering caused by scarcity for Philadelphia’s most vulnerable populations but, along with our best-of-class social services and government partners, to break the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and hunger in Philadelphia.

Broad Street Ministry employs a trauma-informed model of care that mitigates the traumatic effects of living with chronic scarcity; there are few lines, guests are treated with dignity and respect, and there is “always enough for everybody”. Guests also access critical basic needs services including personal care items, clothing, therapeutic arts, assistance with ID procurement, and mail service. Additionally, Concierges (case managers) work to connect our guests to stabilizing services: housing assistance, medical and behavioral health services, public benefits and legal assistance, workforce development, and HIV/AIDS testing and referral.